About Top Value Telecom

  • Top Value Telecom specialises in providing effective solutions to significantly reduce telecommunications costs to both companies and individuals.
  • With decades of experience in this hotly contested and complex arena, Top Value Telecom boasts a solid reputation for delivering reliable and practical solutions, backed by prompt and efficient service.
  • Our many years in the industry has seen Top Value Telecom forge close business ties with the likes of Samsung, Panasonic and I-Burst, further enhancing our ability to deliver truly holistic solutions.
  • Our extensive knowledge of analogue, digital, GSM, VOIP and wireless protocols ensures no stone is left unturned in seeking a suitable solution to our clients’ communications needs.
  • Astute attention to developments & trends within the global telecommunications industry - and the resultant adaptation of our solutions as the need arises - guarantees that our clients continue to enjoy significant and measurable savings on an ongoing basis.
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff deliver personalised attention and impeccable service, all the while exercising utmost professionalism.

Differences between Top Value Telecom and Other Providers

  • Other providers don’t always check properly to see if their product will work in your area. Often this results in issues, or no service at all. TVT always conducts a site inspection, and test, to make sure everything works properly.
  • Even if the product works, clients who try setting up themselves, usually get 50% of what they potentially could be getting. We setup in the most ideal way and get up to 100% of the potential signal / speed.
  • Generally we set up a client in days, whereas other networks sometimes take weeks to do this.
  • If there is any issue or question, dealing with frustrating faceless call centres, is stressful and time-consuming.
  • The other issue that clients experience with other providers, is that they will only push their product. We on the other hand offer multiple options. This limitation by other providers can become a problem, if the provider suffers high volumes. This can result in poor service. With us, we can simply change you to another provider. This solution is not offered elsewhere.
  • Most importantly, if you are experiencing connectivity issues that require a site visit to rectify the issue, we respond the same work day. Other providers won’t service you on the site most likely, and even if taken in, can leave you hanging for days, if not weeks.
  • We can provide content and services that can't be provided locally.
  • We will assist an NPO of your choice with our unmatched social responsibility program.