AI Cloud Accounting

Artificial Intelligent Cloud Accounting, allows automation and access anywhere to clients, bookkeepers, accountants.

  • Upload invoices, bills, and receipts from anywhere.
  • Create and organize bookkeeping entries automatically.
  • Send all the data into your accounting software.
  • Resolve any questions or issues with real-time collaboration.
  • Customize to your needs by ‘teaching’ the AI system.
  • Allow access to documentation to anyone who needs it, from anywhere.
  • Clients, bookkeepers, and accountants save time and money through automation.

From Free Small Version to Corporate

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Competitive Advantages


1.     Combines all the requirements in one place


2.     Enables automation in journal entry and smart document management in accordance with country’s laws.


3.     Understands all the documents - The system automatically separates financial documents from non-financial documents.


4.      Fast work- Document processing takes place in seconds: identification, classification, creation of accounting records and entry in the cloud accounting software.


5.      Privacy - The processing of information is without human hand contact.


6.      Multilingual - Technology speaks all language